Our team of dedicated strategists, architects, service designers, and researchers take a growth mindset and create trusting environments for participants to dive into complex problems and learn new skills that can be used in their own personal and professional lives.

Social Impact Lab of Calgary Office Employees


The Lab creates opportunities, learning, and social impact through a comprehensive and collaborative methodology. We blend human-centered design and systems-thinking to foster intuitive and analytical insights in order to inspire ideas and hypotheses that are modelled and tested.

Our process is about interactive innovation

We listen by
identifying context,
synthesizing data,
and qualifying


We generate and
test ideas against
the lenses of
viability, and


We provide direction
to scale solutions into
system-level changes.
In the spirit of learning
and iteration, we move
between these three
modes freely and


The Social Impact Lab space sets the stage for the overall experience and needs to support the innovation process, while also influencing culture through the use of technology, tools, and physical environment. The right kind of space encourages curiosity, experimentation, and collaboration. The lab is designed to support creativity and innovation.

Social Impact Lab of Calgary Group