Congratulations to The SolFood Project! You have been selected as the Crowd Favourite Concept. Scott and Patrick did an amazing job engaging with the public to gain support for their concept. The Social Impact Lab looks forward to connecting with you to discuss how we may continue to support your work in the future.

We would also like to congratulate GSA Sustain for their excellent crowd engagement. Your concept really resonated with the voters and gained a lot of support.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Disrupt-ATHON Crowd Voting. It was amazing to see all of the ideas that were shared and connections that were made in the comments below each concept.

Congratulations to all of the teams for your well thought out concepts.

To all of the teams, we encourage you to continue working on your projects. Each concept is well thought out and has the potential to truly responsibly disrupt the food system. We can’t wait to see where your teams and projects will go! Your coaches will be in touch to discuss opportunities  for the Lab to continue to support you through this process.

Thank you to everyone who participated in or supported the Disrupt-ATHON.

A special thank you to our panel participants: Julie Van Rosendaal, Jean Claude Munyezamu, and Sasha Musij for kicking us off and inspiring the teams and to Lourdes Juan, John Vardalos, and Dan Allen for providing feedback on the team presentations.

Watch all of the team presentations here.

Watch our special episode of Responsible Disruption: Food System from Farm to Table here.

Jul 22