In a recent Calgary Herald article, representatives from United Way Calgary and Area, partner agencies (Catholic Family Services and CUPS Calgary), and The Social Impact Lab gathered to speak on the topic of disruption in the social sector and the growing need for diverse partnerships both within the sector and cross-sector to move forward.

The role of The Social Impact Lab as an innovation arm of United Way Calgary and Area leverages the expertise of J5, an innovation and design firm that understands the value of disruption and the need for organizations to adapt and grow. Through this partnership between United Way Calgary and Area and J5, new ways of thinking and problem solving have opened the doors to new opportunities for all stakeholders involved.

The Lab is both physical and digital. In addition to our physical space located on Stephen Avenue, we are launching a digital channel to scale the Lab’s efforts to reach a wider audience and engage more citizens to help solve complex social issues such as children and youth mental health and poverty.

Look forward to the end of September 2019 for the launch of Open City!

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