Inspire is a 12-week program designed to guide the way your organization develops future business models, products, and services. The 32-hour program is comprised of eight sessions (4 hours each). Additional time is required between sessions for participants to complete homework assignments.

What’s it like to participate in Inspire?

Hear from an organization that participated and see what they achieved:

This program is a unique learning experience that teaches individuals and organizations how to apply design thinking as a tool for problem solving on actual projects that are happening in their business.

Over the course of the program, participants will learn the following:


Develop clarity about the context and impact of your opportunity while we help you define success through real and meaningful outcomes.


Our mentors will help you challenge your assumptions and biases about your service, clients, or markets and evaluate insights in real situations.


We will help you leverage your customers’ behaviours to define new impact opportunities and the capabilities needed to deliver your desired outcomes.


Engage with our network of advisers, corporations, agency partners, and service providers about good steps that may be worth taking together.

Participant Requirements

You are seeking new mindsets and tools to change the way your agency develops future business models, products and services.

As an employee of your organization, your focus is on user research, strategic planning, innovation processes, and/or product or service development.

You can dedicate a team of 2 to 5 people, of whom at least two will spend a minimum of 5-10 additional hours per week, outside of the workshops, to execute experiments and tests.

For Non-Profit Organizations, the course is available for a fee of $5,000.

For United Way Non-Profit Partner Agencies, we are pleased to offer this course free of charge through United Way of Calgary and Area.

Fees include course costs, background reading materials, and access to a collaboration space.

Upcoming Cohorts

Please stay tuned for upcoming cohorts in 2020.

“Inspire did just that, it breathed new life into our recruiting process and inspired me to not only think about the box, but be willing to live there for a while. A dead end doesn’t mean you stop, you pivot and head in a different direction.” – Inspire Participant