The Social Impact Lab is responding.

The social sector is facing disruption. There is demand for new ideas, products, services, stakeholders, and relationships to overcome pressing societal challenges, and yet demand for support continues to outpace the supply of funding and services.

The Social Impact Lab is responding to this disruption by investing in innovation and creating strategic partnerships that support the social sector to not only serve, but solve social issues.

Located in the heart of downtown Calgary, The Social Impact Lab is a platform to begin experimenting with entirely new services and business models that have the potential to transform our community. We focus on bold objectives by working together for progress towards new impact.



Issue Focus

We do this by

  • Identifying innovative and disruptive projects that form the basis of strategic funding opportunities and have the potential to transform our community
  • Bringing together a variety of stakeholders, facilitating multi-partner collaboration between agencies, corporations, and citizens in digital and in-person spaces
  • Providing open access to participation in ideation, experimentation, and implementation of new solutions
  • Promoting and teaching a systemic approach to social innovation, research, and human-centered innovation


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