Creative Constellations

Socially Engaged Arts Event Series

Calling all Calgarians! Take part in a fun and interactive local arts event series.   

Creative Constellations is a unique way to explore and support local artists working for social change in our community. There’s even a chance to win an Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality system!

Artists have always been at the forefront of social change, using their unique talents to reflect the world around them and affect cultural change. Our vision is to create a shared space for the future as we seek out and strengthen touchpoints between these two worlds to create a space where ideas are shared, while delivering a wonderful event series!

See our events below!

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Scavenger Hunt | May 2-June 12

In this “Pics or it Didn’t Happen” Instagram scavenger hunt, you’ll walk around the city, discover new places and learn about what artists have been getting up to in Calgary. Each challenge you complete is an entry to with the Oculus Quest 2 Grand Prize!
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Storytelling Salon | May 12

This salon-style event brings together local Calgary artists involved in socially engaged art to showcase their work, tell stories of how it has impacted them and speak out on the issues that matter most. Guests include Calgary Poet Laureate and 3x Slam Champ Wakefield Brewster & Tap Dancer Activist and Director Lisa La Touche.
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Responsible Disruption | May 31

Responsible Disruption is back! This live webcast brings together local experts from diverse backgrounds and perspectives to connect and create conversation.
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Arts Expo | June 4

This Art Expo will be a celebration of art, creativity, and social disruption. Come connect with different parts of the local arts and innovation worlds, engage your creative side by signing up for art workshops, and see live performances.
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