Who We Are

Our Purpose

Shifting mindsets, evolving ideas

We discover the problems behind a problem and uncover truths about how existing systems perpetuate social issues. Then, we work to prevent them from arising in the first place.

How we started

Founded by United Way of Calgary and Area, The Social Impact Lab (SIL) is a multidisciplinary team who aim to accelerate innovation and drive change for those in our community who struggle within an inequitable system.

The SIL is a collaboration between J5, a service design studio and United Way.  We pair J5’s design methodology and United Way’s connection to community to cultivate innovation and growth in the social sector in Calgary. Our approach to social innovation is intensive, challenging and thought-provoking. Our goal is to see more people from across the social spectrum make connections, find common ground, build on their expertise, and see each other as collaborators for real change.

The Social Impact Lab Team

Our multidisciplinary team is made up of community builders, innovators and changemakers from United Way of Calgary and Area and J5 Design.