Our Process

A Human-Centred Approach to Design

A different approach to problem solving

The human experience is at the core of everything we do. We gain insights from those directly impacted by a social issue, and we bring those insights into the Lab to inform a process of co-creation with people who have the means, knowledge, and influence to affect real change.

The Double Diamond is a common framework that focuses first on finding the right problem and then on finding the right solution.

We focus on discovering the root cause of a problem.

We define areas of opportunity to implement change.

We develop ideas and test prototypes.

We deliver sustainable solutions to community.

Seeking bold ideas

We start with insights from those directly impacted by a social issue or within an inequitable system. We engage our networks to collaborate with the right communities and organizations that can help take a project to scale.

Innovation with impact

We take participants through the human-centered design process and address the underlying cause of social issues in a collaborative and transformative manner. Our goal is to surface ideas and deliver innovative solutions to citizens and communities.

Funding the future

We build concepts that are tested and iterated to find the sweet spot for change and to test viability for scaling. Backing for ideas can come from combinations of venture funding and private or corporate philanthropy to take a project to scale.