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What We Work On

Below is a summary of our work. If you would like to get involved in our current projects please contact us. Our contributions span the range from leadership to support to connection. We often have many opportunities to be involved in the many initiatives we are working on for organizations, partners, and community members.


Inspire is a capacity building program for non-profit organizations that teaches design thinking as an approach to problem solving. In the age of acceleration, organizations are challenged to adapt to a rapidly changing world.

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Responsible Disruption

Is a podcast that explores the intersection of social innovation and design. This podcast aims to bring listeners on a journey of discovery and conversation as the hosts delve into the latest thinking and trends in design and social impact.

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Planet Youth Calgary

As part of the design, implementation, and evaluation of the Calgary Prevention Model, we are connecting with young people to understand youth wellness and reimagine what it’s like to grow up in Calgary.

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Pay What You Want Market

For the last couple of years, The SIL has been working on an initiative that is aimed at increasing food security in Calgary. As a part of this initiative, we are hosting a pop-up pay what you want market, that gives people the freedom to meet their household needs and stay within their budget.

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Steps to Support Online Tool

The Steps to Support website is an online interactive experience that raises awareness and supports readiness for the natural support role. The tool equips individuals with the language of support, builds competencies and confidence, reduces fear around mental health conversations, and removes the stigma associated with mental health concerns. The gap this website will address is ‘I want to help, but I don’t know how.’ – the fear and lack of skills when approaching a mental health conversation.

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Once a year, we bring together social innovation-minded workplace teams to re-think and design solutions for how we can solve complex, social issues in our communities. We take an entrepreneurial approach that focuses on understanding the need through conversations with experts and those affected by the problem. Then, using the design thinking process, groups develop ideas that can become solutions to positively impact the community and beyond.

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Natural Supports Simulation

The Mental Health Natural Supports Simulation is an online interactive experience that raises awareness for the natural support role by building skills and confidence. As a result, we can help children and youth access supports, increase overall community well-being and create a network of caring citizens.

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Immersive Technology, Jack’s Story

Through technology, we explore methods to experiment in citizen engagement, empathy building, and giving. Featured in the Unity for Humanity Summit 2020. Jack’s Story, a virtual reality experience was developed to address social problems. By immersing the audience in Jack’s life and imagination, we explore unemployment, social isolation, mental health issues, and lack of basic needs, including the actions we all can take to help.

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United Way is partnering with the University of Calgary to offer the UCeed Social Impact Fund.

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