What's on our mind

Energizers for Facilitation

A list of great icebreaker activities for your next workshop or event.

From a Volunteer's Perspective

Reflections from a volunteer with The Social Impact Lab Alberta

A Problem Worth Solving

The Athabasca Design Lab Selects a Topic of Focus

Junior Designers Take on Athabasca

How students from Athabasca’s Composite School are creating change in their community.

United Way Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo Paves the Way for Social Innovation with the Redpoll Centre's Social Impact Lab

Welcome to The Social Impact Lab Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo.

The Brooks Design Lab From Start to Finish

A story of designing for community, with community

Creating "How Might We" Questions

These questions help us move away from “can we?” or “should we?” and instead open our minds to the all the possibilities before us.

Creating Insights From Data

Learn how to create meaningful insight statements from messy data.

How is Community Co-Design Like Playing the Game "Human Knot"?

The Brooks Design Lab shows us all the things an icebreaker game can teach us about community co-design.

Socially Engaged Artists as Change-makers

Thinkers. Connectors. Doers. Loud and proud changemakers… In which spaces do you find these disruptors at the forefront of social change?

The Market

The Framework of a Grocery Store Where You Pay What You Want

The Steps to Being a Support to People in Your Life

A free online experience tool to help you support people in your life

Service Design: A Key to Social Innovation

Service Design is an iterative, complex, and ongoing process, and it has been proven to be a great innovation methodology.

How to Help Kids with their Mental Health

Build your skills with a free online tool.

Generating Empathy Though Virtual Reality

Using virtual reality simulations to gain empathy and better understand childhood poverty.

AdaptiveYYC Wins Breakthrough Innovation Award

Adaptive YYC a mental wellbeing initiative wins innovation award in response to COVID19

Introducing AdaptiveYYC! A Free Mental Well-Being Initiative for Workplaces

A new initiative designed for non-profits and small businesses to help build resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Food security in Calgary

How you can help with food security in Calgary

Disrupt-ATHON leads to inspirational ideas to disrupt food system in a responsible way

Calgarians pitched their ideas on how to break the cycle of childhood poverty by disrupting the food system in Calgary and area