Finding Solutions Together

We bring together people, practice, and place to solve today’s social problems. There is demand for new ideas, products, and relationships to overcome pressing societal challenges, yet demand for support continues to outpace the supply of funding and services.

The Social Impact Lab is responding to this disruption by investing in innovation and creating strategic partnerships that support the social sector to serve and solve social issues. We are focused on responsible disruption by building and leading a social ecosystem focused on solving complex social problems.

The Social Impact Lab inspires a belief that solutions are possible. We invite everyone from all sectors and backgrounds to be a part of the solution because we know it’s up to us to create a better world. We believe that change happens when people decide to make a difference. We’re shaping the world together, now.

Identify innovative projects that form the basis of funding opportunities with the potential to transform our community.

Bring together stakeholders, facilitating collaboration between agencies, corporations, and citizens.

Provide open access to ideation, experiments, and implementation of new impact-driven solutions.

Explore our Recent Projects

Inspire Program

J5 Design, University of Victoria and United Way of Calgary and Area are working together to build innovation capacity and thought leadership across the non-profit sector in Canada.

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Adaptive YYC

In collaboration with United Way of Calgary and Area and headversity, AdaptiveYYC is a free mental well-being initiative for non-profits and small businesses. The program is designed to increase a person’s capacity to respond to stress by developing their resilience and skills to protect and promote mental wellness.

Winner of the New Normal Ninja award at the 2021 CDN Channel Innovation Awards conference.

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Natural Support Skills

The Mental Health Natural Supports Simulation is an online interactive experience that raises awareness for the Natural Support role by building skills and confidence. As a result, we can help children and youth access supports, increase overall community well-being and create a network of caring citizens.

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Responsible Disruption

Launched in response to the global pandemic our recurring webinar series, Responsible Disruption explores the importance of innovation, recovery and resilience during challenging times. Each episode connects with changemakers who are shaping the future and addressing today’s most critical issues ranging from food security, racial discrimination, Indigenous social impact, mental wellbeing, and technology to bring new ideas to life that fuel positive social impact.


Immersive Technology

Innovating for social changes requires imagining and designing a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable world for all. Through technology, we explore methods to experiment in citizen engagement, empathy building, and giving.

Jack’s Story, a virtual reality experience, was developed to address social problems. By immersing the audience in Jack’s life and imagination, we explore unemployment, social isolation, mental health issues, and lack of basic needs, including the actions we all can do to help.

Featured in the Unity for Humanity Summit 2020.

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Once a year, we bring together social innovation-minded workplace teams to re-think and design solutions for how we can solve complex, social issues in our communities. We take an entrepreneurial approach that focuses on understanding the need through conversations with experts and those affected by the problem. Then, using the design thinking process, groups develop ideas that can become solutions to positively impact the community and beyond.

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